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\about :  the studio


Welcome— Art + Soul Studio is an independent BIPOC Womxn-led nomadic art and wellness studio, created by Natasha Jain

about : natash (they/she)

Namaste and Jajóm!

I am the founder of art+soul studio, as well as an identical twin, Artist, Herbalist and Rootworker, who is invested in serving the BIPoC community. I serve my passion for supporting underserved and nomadic Peoples, by creating accessible resources that holistically support healing, root-to-crown. I consider myself a lifelong student, educator and advocate, of mixed Pan-African, Southeast-Asian and Arawak-Taino descent, which all deeply influences my work and care for my community. As someone who is thrilled by nature and city alike, I live and work nomadically at the intersection of art and soul, creating and supporting community along the way.

Before traveling as digital nomad, I was blessed to have an 18+ year history working with non-profits, businesses and brands that support wellness and/or BIPOC spaces, such as Whole Foods Market, Coupon In The Cloud, Kahani Magazine, Black Nomads Meet, Diversify Vanlife, SCAD Company and Statewide Independent Living Council of GA. My areas of focus were Illustration, Creative Art Direction, 2D and 3D Brand Design, and Accessibility-Inclusion with a specialty in diversity. Having served a sign-painter and later as an Art Director of Environmental Design and Décor at Whole Foods Market (a title held by less than 1% of Womxn of Color), over the course of 12 years, I uncovered a passion for creative collaboration and community. From design to installation, I developing brand identities for big businesses and have now shifted my energy to empowering small-businesses of color, by hand-painting, copywriting, and creating one-of-a-kind spaces inspired by the local culture and community.


On my off-grid time, I spend my time foraging, farming and journeying the Akashic Records, as well as continuing my education in herbal and shamanic medicine, Land stewardship, healing in nature, and crafting micro-batch herbal remedies and artisan tools (featured in the Apothecary and Holistic Wellness Studio)

When possible, you can find me networking and pouring time into advocacy and education, writing articles for others as well as my own blog, titled Nomadic Wellness, creating content geared toward accessible holistic wellness practices, in areas such as Ayurveda, Peri & Yoni SteamingAlchemical Herbalism and Shamanic Rootwork.​

More recently, I can be found driving conversations around social justice, personal decolonization and autonomy, the Land Back movement, Black farming, mutual-aid, community care, nomadism and intentional living, via writing and co-hosting a podcast with my friends (currently in development), all while working towards daydreaming about a building a grassroots community Herbal Sanctuary


Massachusetts College of Art — BFA Communication Design Illustration

Howe Center for Akashic Studies — Advanced Akashic Practitioner

Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute — Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Sundoor School of Transpersonal Education — Firewalk Instructor

School of Evolutionary Herbalism — Clinical + Alchemical Herbalism
Gina Spriggs Art of Intuitive Tarot — Intuitive Tarot Reading

Yogamu School of Meditation — Practical Yogic Meditation

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