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7 Herbs and Best Practices for Cervical Wellness and Cancer Support

Herbal Peri Steaming Hydrotherapy (Yoni Steaming)

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Organic Cervical Care Herbal PeriSteam Blend™

Organic Ingredients:

Astragalus Root, Sage, Lavender, Motherwort, Nettle Leaf, Citrus Peel. ( May be purchased through the online apothecary: )

Recommended Use:

- 10 minutes per steam session (max). Frequency of use varies by person and formula. - Do not steam during your period, while bleeding or spotting. - You may reheat your herbal brew, if it becomes cool, to create more steam. - If steam is too hot to hover over comfortably, wait a few minutes and try again.

(steaming should be pleasant not painful)

Best Practices:

Ample Rest is imperative to healing. Steaming before bed also aids in sleep.

The use of organic herbs is highly suggested (whenever possible).

Remember to stay hydrated.

Drinking A Medicinal Herbal Tea

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Organic Cervical Care Medicinal Tea™

All Organic Ingredients:

Turmeric, Ginger, Astragalus, Green tea, Sage, Grape or Apple skin, Hawthorn Leaf - May be purchased through the online apothecary:


Drink 3 cups Daily for focused cervical health wellness and cancer prevention.

Food As Medicine

Studies show that Cancer cannot thrive in a body that is considered alkaline in constitution. (link to an alkaline foods list)

In addition to seeking out an Alkaline Foods diet, these herbs and fruits are extremely beneficial when included consumed regularly as part of a cervical cancer-fighting diet.

Foods That Support Cervical Wellness

(opt for organics whenever possible): Grapes (seeds and skin)

Apples (seeds and skin)



Hawthorn (berries, leaf and flower)

Eucalyptus (leaf and bark)

Coffee leaf

Green Tea

Holy Basil


Garlic Clove

Turmeric Root

Ginger Root