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Holy Womb Chakra | 12 Herbs for Healing Sri Yantra

The Holy Womb Chakra is the energy center that is the most powerful in the human body, governing awakening and connection through loving connection and overall wellbeing. It is the womb of all creation, a direct link to our capacity for creation, and is commonly referred to in Sanskrit as ‘Sri Yantra’. This chakra sit behind the main 7 chakras, beyond all chakras like an invisible bubble, and is a channel that directly links us to one another, to all of creation, and is the awakening point to source energy itself.

The Divine Mother is at the vibration of the universal womb, where all beings of creation begin their journey. We are all connected via this invisible supernatural energy of the Divine Mother, which remains hidden in the soul of every being. The Womb Chakra is our ‘creativity center’, through which we can manifest what we want in our lives and in the world. It is the spark of creation in us that can make anything possible.

For millennia, people have recognized the physical womb as the sacred space from where we all come, where our creative capacity is held, and the house of possibilities. In actuality, this creative power of the Divine Feminine is present in every soul, be it physical or energetic, no matter our gender or the sex we were assigned at birth. The wellbeing of our individual soul, is recorded in our DNA and is carried through lifetimes by the Holy Womb chakra.

The womb chakra is also the access point in you to the collective consciousness and pathway toward enlightenment. For all genders, purification and empowerment of the holy womb chakra is the direct path to spiritual power and transcendence.

Identifying Blockages and Imbalance

If you have a blocked womb chakra, you may feel emotionally stuck or constipated, insecure, unsettled and afraid, likely tied to root causes such as heartbreak, sexual abuse, abandonment, loss, trauma and harsh relationships, even generational and karmic in nature, carried through lifetimes.

Location: Beyond the physical abdomen, navel, pelvis and womb.

A being with brilliant creativity, confidence, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified Womb Chakra. This energetic center can become weakened, particularly when we experience trauma or have cut ourselves off from one another. So, it is important to purify and strengthen our external bonds as well as our internal connection to divine universal energy.

Benefits of Purifying the Womb Chakra

Grow your capacity to heal heartbreak, depression, unworthiness and insecurity, by transmuting those energies (changing the properties) enhancing your ability to manifest possibilities. Some effects of healing the Holy Womb Chakra may include significantly notable shifts in our everyday lives. Parallel to the physical shifts in the material realm, when we balance the womb chakra we may also experience profound shifts in the spiritual plane.

“To make our womb chakra strong enough, we need to develop pure, true divine love.” —Sri Kaleshwar