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A Poem by Kavi Jain

Coming back,

Home to the Land

Weaving each day,

In sync with the elements


Healing waters of emotionality


Nature calibrates space and thyme

Foraging for center,

A respite for the weary soul


Rest, reparations and expression


reciprocity, belonging and care Land Back, Stewardship, rematriation and protecting the sacred Grounding, Barefoot, in rich forest beds

Ancestral Wind,

gently pushes as we walk eachother home.


Landscape of Nature | Language of Medicine

Everything we need to heal can be found right in nature.

[Water + Air]

We meditate, on and off, throughout the day. We often lay together as head-to-foot like 2 cashews; yin + yang and yang + yin nestled like koi. Intuitive and reciprocal protection, expressing our love language while we nurture one another on our separate journeys. Rising to the day just as Father Sun peeks through the eye of the horizon. Moving our bodies with ritual tasks, lighting the wood stove, preparing a large pot of tea to flush toxins and ignite the digestive fire. A blend of soft green and nettle nourish the cells, spicy ginger root and cinnamon reinvigorates circulation. Life force glowing in my belly, burning off yesterday's lessons. Blowing the breath of 'hope' into a fistful of tobacco, offering it to the hearth, expressing gratitude to the ancestors for walking me home safely each night.