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Van Build On A Budget | A BIPOC Vanlifer Guide

A Van Build Budget Starter Guide

Written by @the_DNA_Collective

Denise @wayfaretowellness + Natasha @asha_art.n.soul + Anaïs @anais.moniq

Welcome Road Fam, thanks for pulling up!

A couple of my friends and I put together some tips and tools, to help get you started on building the van of your dreams—on a budget that suits your needs. With a global shift of operations, houselessness and remote work on the rise, and prices on lumber skyrocketing as perversely as the housing market, some of us our opting out, jumping ship, forging a new life in what may feel like a post-apocalyptic reality to some, all while being mindful (and melanated). It's no surprise, we could all use a lil help now and again, wisdom, knowledge and tools are not always afforded to the masses, so share the love and help spread some free resources. There is another way out of grind culture, stepping into a life of intention and time travel. Vanlife teaches us about our limitations, what we are capable of, we face our shadows and our fears, and it is some of the most valuable growth and healing you will ever have the pleasure of not having to pay for.

But before all that dreaming, let's focus on the hear and now, the achievables. The home rig is what will transport us to those experiences, will house us when gentrification, trauma and houselessness abounds? Is this a stepping stone for me? How long might I live this way? What are my active needs? How can I use what I already have around me, or repurpose an item until I can afford my lesser-immediate needs? What ARE my basic needs?

With folx at the forefront of this movement, we see endless brand deals, expensive, name brand, tricked out, gassed up, top-of-the-line beasts, but the truth is, most of us who more immediately might need to live this way, have a lot of know how to share. This isn't just for the gram, we going all the way off-grid to show you how we did what we could with the savings we had, to each build our little piece of freedom. Investing in Black joy, love, equity, community, self care and wellness in the outdoors, while being, you guessed it... hot as hell (that beautiful desert tho...) Below, we will hear from some fellow peoples who live nomadically, and have converted their vehicles into rolling homes, on a tight budget.

Sample Van Build Budgets from the BIPOC Vanlife Community:

Let's see how we measure up! @lovellandparis

RIG TYPE: (First Rig) 2012 Nissan NV2500 Low Roof Van

BUILD: Self-built for full-time travel

Cost of build: 1,100