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|  OLOKUN  |  HANDMADE Pelvic + Yoni Steaming Stool  |  8 inch


About This One-Of-A-Kind Stool:

The Art + Soul Steam Stool embodies beauty, portability and meditative posture to your in-home steaming practice. Each stool is finely crafted and unique in texture and feel. This 1-of-a-kind steam stool can be combined with any small, short pot or ceramic vessel similar in size. It's perfect for those who live in cozy quarters, nomadic peoples, or for vaginal steam practitioners on the go. Be sure to wear a robe, drape a thick towel or blanket to contain the heat, as this is an open concept design, created for small budgets and smaller spaces.
What is Yoni Steaming? Find out here

This particular stool is intented for those who wish to make pelvic + yoni steaming a meditative practice. Meant to be sat in a low meditative position, opening the legs pelvis to connect more deeply, grounding and open up the root chakra, allowing for steam to warm up through the sacral.



Crafted in nature, to emulate and embody the truck and roots of trees, to promote the opening up of the pelvic floor, creating an open lotus for intentional healing. Spread the thighs and buttocks to allow for the full area to be exposed to the steam. The open eye shape is meant to allow for localized heat to help detoxify and mutually support vaginal, colon and prostate health.

Meditative Practice:
If you would like to use for sitting meditation, put the souls of your feet together, mimicking the shape of the opening of the stool, or cross and tuck the feet in toward your stool. If slightly under the stool, if using while steaming, be mindful not to kick or touch your hot steaming vessel


If you are looking for something more specific, please message me for a custom piece. This listing for the wooden stool only. This edition can be used with or without a burner, for mild or advanced steam sessions. Easy portability, and doubles as a meditation stool or extra seat, in a pinch

✔ Artfully crafted REMOVABLE 4-leg open design
✔ Designed with nomads in mind: Portable and Small
✔ Designed and Handmade by a nomadic BIPOC

Clean after use with mild soap and warm water. To disinfect, mix one part lemon juice, one part white vinegar and two parts water and wipe down with a clean cloth. Light foodgrade oils may be used to maintain wear and tear for generations to enjoy. The unique elongated almond-shaped opening allows for the steam to heal the entirety of the pelvic floor, from vulva to prostate and anus. Orders ship quickly from Asha's tiny-studio-on-wheels to the comfort of your home. 



What type of material (wood) is the sauna made out of?

Our steam stools feature a combination of any of the following solid hardwoods: Maple, Oak, Walnut and Ash


Is the sauna painted, varnished or finished with anything? 

Asha's saunas are all finished with a mineral finish oil, which is all natural and free of toxins.


What is the Size of the Steam Stool?

8in H x 13in L x 13in W


What Size Vessel should I use with my Steam Stool?

6in H x 10in diameter (max)


What is the Size of the Hole on the Stool?

Almond shaped (4 in x 7 in)


What if I want create more of a steamy sauna?

To contain the steam, wrap a towel, blanket or robe around your lower body from hips, down (known as hip-cloaking). This stool is designed for multifunctional use, for your changing needs and seasons. The closer your water level is to the steam opening, the more direct steam you will experience without hip cloaking. Cloaking is not recommended in hot climates or if you have too much heat in the body (ie. if you experience night sweats and/or hot flashes)


What mail courier do you plan to ship with?



What area do you ship to?

Domestic 'United States', ancestrally known as Turtle Island


Is the sauna new or used?

Our handmade stools are always sold and shipped new and unused


What measures were taken to benefit my spiritual healing practice: 

Each healing stools are created with the best of intentions, in a smudged with cleansing frankincense and sweetened with homegrown garden sage. Crafted in a space of peace and solitude, and left to cure and charge in the moonlight, as to remain hygienic and clear for entry into your sacred space
(made with love and gratitude)

*Yoni Steaming Herbs can be found in the shop and healing consultations online at

| OLOKUN | HANDMADE Pelvic + Yoni Steaming Stool | 8 inch

  • Please understand that Steam Stools cannot be returned once used, and Herbals cannot be returned once opened, for hygienic reasons. 

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