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soft landing collective®

Who We Are

Soft Landing Collective is currently a virtual nomadic healing sanctuary, that is devoted to serving the healing of marginalized communities of color, providing a safe haven for BIPOC foragers, farmers outdoorists and journeyers. 


We believe in the resurgence and preservation of the Black Farmer, investing equity in Black and Brown organizations, and providing safe spaces for the housed and unhoused alike. Offering work and volunteer opportunities to historically marginalized Peoples, as we focus on sustainability, afro/agro-ecology, root to crown healing and generational food wealth. 


What We Are Working Toward
In the future, we hope to invite you to stop into our apothecary cafe to enjoy healing elixirs, superfood lattes, nature recreation, open mic night, and plant-based wellness services, including organic herbal remedies, body care, artsy goods and handmade healing tools.


On occasion, you can catch us recording on-location our BIPOC-centered podcast (coming 2023) driving conversations around autonomy, advocacy, justice, nature, and love throughout the African diaspora, from a highly intersectional point of view.









Building As A Community

We created this virtual space to share our progress as we work on acquiring funding to emancipate so-called privately-"owned" Land, in order to unite Black and Brown nomadic travelers, in an area where social justice and safety is invaluable. Our goal is to further partner with the Original Peoples of the Land, so that we may work as a collective community, in stewardship, for generations to follow.


A portion of funds will always be allotted as an offering to the local Indigenous communities and groundskeepers, as we work toward returning Indigenous rights to the Land, in support of the Land Back movement. While we work to transition the soil to eventually grow food, we wish to consider our most affected marginalized houseless neighbors, by donating supplies and a portion of the harvest to the homeless.

As we work to cultivate and nurture these nomadic relationships, we understand the need for safe spaces, aiming to provide a tangible respite for those in need to park for the night, stay in one of our tiny dwellings, or simply enjoy the community-tended hiking trail.



A Sanctuary for Rest & Renewal


Welcome to our humble abode, a collective home away from home for nature-nerds and Land lovers, where we value rest rebellious act, and holistic healing as a sacred ritual.


As a collaborative of nomadic wellness practitioners and artisans, we are intentionally making space and time to slow down, find stillness and realign. Attend educational workshops inspired by the Land, wander the trail while forest-bathing (Shinrin-Yoku), and allow this healing sanctuary to hold you as you go about your time here observing meditation and pranayama (breathwork) in the open air.

We look forward to offering guided foraging, an herbalism cafe with superfood lattes "elixirs", chakra balancing teas, custom haircare, yoni steaming and handcrafted healing tools, all with organic herbs grown in the village garden.

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