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Organic GARDEN SAGE Bundle

This OrganicGARDEN SAGE BUNDLE has been homegrown in the northeast, harvested and wrapped by hand on a family micro-farm (BIPoC Female-led), for medicinal wellness and culinary purposes. This bundle was crafted by a family of Arawak/Lokono-Native descent, who grows herbs intentionally, in small quantities, for personal use, and is only offering a small quantity of excess with you for household use. Please note that our family farm is sharing just a handful of pieces with you, so please respect the plant, its function and make it last, as this is special and should be used as a form of intentional healing rather than ostentatiousness or for resale. [Jajom — Thank you]

USES + PROPERTIES — Ideal for any high-vibration purification practice, this alkaline electric alkaline herb is often used as an herbal remedy as brewed tea, or perineal steaming practices. Like other culinary herbs, Sage has long been thought to be a digestive aid and appetite stimulant, having been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Smoked for numerous conditions such as flatulence, abdominal cramps, bloating, spasms, bleeding, diarrhea, colds, flu, cuts, bruises, tuberculosis, stomach ache, excessive perspiration, sores, cough, throat infections, inflammation, depression, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease. It has also been used to aid in irregular menstruation (yoni steaming), menstrual cramp relief, and postpartum to slow breast-milk production, menopause symptoms, and many other illnesses and diseases. Smoke from Sage is used for purification of mind, body and spirit and serves as sacred energetic totem when utilized for incense or ancestral offering in ceremony, ritual, meditation and prayer, or smudging as a form of cleansing of a spirit and/or dwelling. Also referred to as "Salvia Officinalis", after colonial exposure, this small evergreen shrub is also known as garden sage and common sage. The term "Salvia" is derived from the Latin word "salvere", which means “to heal.” 

SAGE in the INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY — Sage has long been held sacred by many Indigenous original Peoples and Native descendant communities around around Turtle Island (also known as the americas) because of its effective purifying energies. Long utilized in smudging ceremonies, this multidimensional herb enhances intuition, improves cognition and mood, and wards off density and toxicity. Traditionally, once a plant is sold/bought it is no longer technically considered as "sacred" for ceremonial use (sacred-use items should be gifted, foraged or grown personally), and is rather sold/purchased for medicinal or culinary use, while still holding energetic properties for purification and sublimation. Burning sage promotes balance and the mind/body connection. It is important to purchase from authentic Native and Indigenous communities, rather than non-native ones, as there has been a mass-commodification and misinformation of this sacred ceremonial plant, wiping out crops for mass-consumption and leaving very little access for Indigenous Original Peoples.



*Crafted on the unceeded Land of the Massa-adchu-es-et, Pawtucket and Agawam Peoples.

Organic GARDEN SAGE Bundle

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