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Pineapple ClariTea  |  THIRD EYE CHAKRA Support

This Organic THIRD-EYE CHAKRA TEA also known as "Pineal ClariTea" is a healing supplemental blend specially designed to clear the mind, heightening clarity, intuition and foresight. Ideal for enhancing your meditation practice, boost energy, calm nerves, support digestion and strengthen the ability to sense messages and visions through the 3rd eye, the chakra between the brows.



Drink 2 to 3 times per day when experiencing a blockage or imbalance to this chakral energy center, for more optimal results. These electric teas are naturally caffeine free and made of high vibrational organic plants, blended by hand in small batches.



Freeze-dried Pineapple, Sage Leaf, Siberian Pine Needles, Yarrow Flower, Mugwort, Blue Lotus Flower


*Handcrafted by a Certified Alchemical Herbalist. This blend is not intended to fully treat or cure any disease or ailment. Rather is intended to nourish support the body's natural ability to cleanse and fight illness more efficiently. Please seek out a physician for emergency care, and see whether or not these herbs interfere with your current medications.

Pineapple ClariTea | THIRD EYE CHAKRA Support

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