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Shea + Frankincense HEALING SALVE  [ 5oz ]

Organic PLANT MEDICINE Cleanse Scars Burns Cuts Blemish Moisture Nutrients [Vegan]

This MEDICINAL PLANT HEALING SALVE offers thick and richly-concentrated healing. Intended for treating dry skin, scares and ailments, by drawing out impurities embedded in the skin. Traditionally, this salve is used in small quantities directly on body scars and facial blemishes, for your skin oil-pulling practice, or as an overnight skincare mask to detox as you sleep. Can be used as a daily facial moisturizer by blending a pea-sized amount of salve with any light organic carrier oil (ie. Moringa oil, or Jojoba) or your lotion on the face, as this may feel too heavy for your skin type or under make-up. You may notice an occasional subtle grain in texture, which is the healing frankincense resin working its medicine on the skin. Can be used daily. 


The INGREDIENT PROPERTIES in this shea butter blend start with a base of Mother Africa's Organic Shea Butter (sourced ethically and fair-trade certified) , rich with antioxidants and vitamin E, created by healing hands. We blended cold-pressed virgin Coconut Oil to slowly dissolved beautiful raw Frankincense Resin lovingly and mindfully harvested by a small family-run farm in Somiland, Organic cold-pressed Rosehip oil is added to deliver a boost of vitamin C, shown to be softening and beneficial to the skin in absorbing nutrients from the sun. Shea also provides a natural spf to help to protect the skin from harsh rays. What makes this blend a healing topical is the light addition of Coconut Apricot seed wax, which helps to seal in moisture for all day moisture. 


THE POWER OF FRANKINCENSE: The most potent active healing ingredient lies in the benefits of the sacred Frankincense tree resin, which draws out impurities and purges blemish-causing toxins, while deeply nourishing the dermis, to help penetrate and repair scar tissue, as well as soothing ailments that cause dryness. 



*Please discontinue use if you ever notice a reaction that includes redness, inflammation or irritation to something new, as you may currently have a sensitivity or allergy.


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Shea + Frankincense HEALING SALVE [ 5oz ]

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