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AKASHIC RECORDS Soul Session (1 hr)

1-hour virtual session

  • 1 hour
  • 88 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

The Akasha is a soul-imprint library that holds the lessons to our parallel soul-journeys throughout time and space. Uncover soul-level truths and healing, via the collective unconscious, told through the channeling of symbols, wisdom, ancestry and stories. Please bring a layered question or concern(s) to work with. Book your session today, with our LH Center for Akashic Studies™ Certified Advanced Practitioner.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that any cancellations or rescheduling for bookings require 24-hrs notice to avoid a booking-prep fee of $24. Clients must be aged 12+ or over for Peri Steaming and 18+ for Akashic Record Soul Sessions. Please, no returns on opened herbs.

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Healing In Nature | CRY WITH ME  |  Releasing Grief, Loss + Generational Trauma

Healing In Nature | CRY WITH ME | Releasing Grief, Loss + Generational Trauma

Namaste Family 🙏🏽 We have all gone through so much over the past few years, heck, over lifetimes. Hopeful that whoever sees this can be reminded that crying is the body's natural way of releasing what doesn't serve the energetic body. Crying was the first way we learned to express emotion as infants, and should be part of our tool bag forever . For the last 6 months, I have been traveling around Turtle Island (US) in my self-converted van, as a nomadic healer, with my dog companion Odin. Along the tiresome journey, we have been holding space for others, suffering great loss, depression and anxiety, even at times numb to my own grief . Since becoming stationary, over this past month, reconnecting with family and no longer numbing, all of those intense emotions are finally setting in, triggered past trauma and new challenges, all bubbling up to the surface . Experiencing raw, depressive, anxious and impulsive thoughts, cenetered around hope, fears, rejection, self worth, trauma, loss, and limiting beliefs. This time happens to align with the Lionsgate portal in Leo, it's new moon, retrogrades and some PMS. Better out than in! Part of inner child work is to sit with our raw emotions and express rather than suppress, what no longer serves us, in order to make the space to embrace the self fully, without judgement, shame or blams . Today, I longed to be held by someone I trust, that could hold ample space for my grief, Gaia/Mother Nature/Water. Notice that I am not holding back, curbing my enthusiasm, or policing how my inner child is feeling at this moment. Only asking them "what do you need?" Well, apparently I NEEDED A GOOD CRY! . Halfway way through my outcry, I decided to press record, in an effort to share this recording for my future self to bear witness. Even if we are far apart, I see you and feel your light. You don't have to go it alone. Hold my hand and join this sacred circle, if you feel so called. . 🌊 Bless up + Remember, Healers are never done healing. Your Relative, Asha Love •🌙.• Instagram: @asha_art.n.soul Website: [Artist, Writer, Herbalist, Yoni Steam Guide, Podcast, Intuitive Healer, Generational Trauma Mentor, Intuitive Development Coach, Lover] #innerchildwork #crywithme #bipochealer #blacknomad #diversifyvanlife #sacredcircle #diversifyoutdoors #generationaltrauma #healing #release #gaia #mothernature #water #pachamama #healinginnature #leadwithlove #together #healingathome #cryitout #real #itsoktonotbeok #safespace #sadboysummer #sadgirlsummer #nonbinary #yourrelative #holdingspace #vanlife #grace #blackhealer #depression #anxiety #sadness #lonliness #lifeforce #loveoverfear #lionsgate #expression #beherenow #heal #nature #restisrevolutionary #nativehealer #presence #feelthefeels #destigmatizeemotions #cry #nativevanlife #brownvanlife #indianvanlife #indianhealer #brownhealer #therapy #grief #savealife #soothing #selfcare #activation #communitycare #suicideprevention #help
FIRE WALKING | Ancient Ritual Alchemy | Shift + Heal the energetic body

FIRE WALKING | Ancient Ritual Alchemy | Shift + Heal the energetic body

Visit for more! Namaskar! What challenges and hurdles do you need help shifting? Firewalking is a ritual mind + body + spirit tool, used for centuries, to step into alignment with purpose, leaving behind that which is holding us back energetically. Harness your life force energy to step into a your personal power through this ancient fire and arrow medicine. Over the course of 4 hours, we will learn about transmutation through the alchemy of fire, both physically and energetically. We will honor the lessons of transformation from the sacred shamanic allies Snake, Puma and Condor. As a group container, we work in a safe space, opening up to our divinity, utilizing intuition, journeying, meditation and tracking to reveal our soul's desire to align with our life's path once again. Transformation happens on a cellular level and integrates spirit healing as we step across the threshold of will, shedding what no longer serves us, through the gateway of fire and into a new paradigm of trust, change and authenticity in preparation for the road ahead. We will touch on ancestral karma, DNA, offerings, patterns, gateways, spiritual tools, visions, the akasha and reflexology charting. Blessings + Remember, even Healers are never done healing. Let's support one another. Your Relative, Asha •🌙.• Instagram: @asha_art.n.soul Website: [Conscious Artist, Writer, Alchemical Herbalist, Yoni Steam Guide, Initiated Healer, Rootworker, Mentor, Intuitive Development Coach]
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