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The Commodification of Spirituality: Kundalini Awakening vs. 'Being Woke'

We must stop commodifying the sacred. Spirituality isn’t a job, it’s an expression or language of the spirit, our energetic state-of-being, and the law of existence by which all creation is animated. We can however, look to how we can reciprocate support for one another in an equal exchange of energy, for services rendered vs profiting off of the universal laws which should be inherently available to all. Barriers to entry should not exist! We awaken at our own time, emit our own frequency and exist at our own vibration according to our state of being, our belief systems, pain bodies and environments.

Now, let's get something clear, being "woke" is a thing of beauty, especially when approached and shared ethically, compassionately and inclusively, paying special attention to consider the most marginalized and oppressed, while acknowledging the work and ancestral wisdom of those that came before us. When it comes to speaking to real life experiences of Spiritual Awakening, we aren’t meant to be out here doing endless research, or piggy-backing off of the cliff-notes of others, in attempt to "fake it til we make it". We need to speak from experience, sacred sciences and keep in mind that no two experiences are identical, so generalizations may not be enough to comprehend or decipher from a glance. Awakening speaks to the wisdoms received from spirit through our open channels in the chakra systems which allow for a very powerful energetic series of events to occur. We must remember, damn well, that we didn’t invent the wheel of kundalini energy, nor do we deserve to reap monetary rewards for simply regurgitating here-say. Most everyone has this energy stored, sitting at the base of their spine, and the awakening that happens may be a result of or reaction to the rising of such energy up the spinal column.

All spirit, is seemingly on the trajectory to full awakened enlightenment, over time. We all came here to experience uniquely individual experiences and lessons, with no two lifetimes looking completely identical to another. So it is important to keep in mind that one being's goodness is better than another, nor one being's karmas or downfalls lead to less of a growing experience than a "good deed". All life experience is a lesson, and no time is ever wasted. We simply have difference challenges and purposes along our individual paths. Awakening is not a goal, rather a leveling up of cycles along the soul's generational path. We all must play our parts, and do what we can to work toward finding our purpose and expressing our passions,while incarnated in our physical form.

Kundalini Rising + Pineal Awakening

Spiritual Awakening or Kundalini Rising, is an actual physical happening, that can feel physically hot, euphoric and at times unbearably painful. It is a slow burning action of awakening that speeds up in a fit of traumatic occurrences, climaxing up the spinal column (commonly referred to as the 33 vertebrae of Christ Consciousness, kind of like the staircase of divine knowledge) as the life force energy that exists in our spinal fluid and reproductive organs. This fluid ascends up toward the cerebellum, triggering the spark in our pineal gland (third eye), upward through the synapses of the brain, which inform the mind and unlock the key to the crown (located above what we call the ‘soft spot’ on an infant skull). These series of events allow our portal (crown chakra) to open and trickle in through our channels of remembrance, flowing in divine revelation (understanding), and flooding us into intuitive overdrive, like a lighthouse taking in the light of the sun and shining it out though our being for all to see.

Enlightenment Cannot Be Attained in One Lifetime

These folx are tasked to serve a higher purpose for the collective of humanity, stepping into the role of helper or a catalyst for those they touch, as a beacon of light, tasked with the arduous role of doing their inner healing so that may more actively shine their loving light for those around them to see more clearly through the dark choppy waters that surround and engulf us all. This act is rarely a self-serving claim to fame, it’s a deep surrendering and allowing so that we may be able to have a spiritual conversation with God-Source through a state of surrender akin to meditation, trance or like we see in the movie the matrix: having an awareness that there is no spoon, there is only source energy. Instead of trying to bend the spoon with our mind, rather there is no spoon, only the thought form. We create the thought form, we are the spoon, allow it to bend by allowing the self to bend. Awakening is a verb, and many awakening beings go into states of hermitage, with a deep crawling desire to escape from society and hide in solitude, away for the density of the collective pain body. We can feel it all at once, the barriers between the “I am” self and the oneness of all, reveals the “Am”, allowing for intense feeling and absorption of other’s pain. In Daoist philosophy, this universal law is described as “allowing the natural”, where trying to control the natural goes against the flow of nature (akin to a sin), which accumulates karma.

Major Keys The key to unlocking the lower and upper chakras is through healing the heart chakra, which acts as a filter. Unharnessed, an open-heart channel can become overactive. You may here folx refer to this as "being an empath", though, this highly sensitive receptivity is more specifically known as Sympathy (feeling all the feels of emotionality), whereas with informed boundaries, we can learn to harness the ebb and flow of emotionality as a practice, by simply observing the lessons without accumulating the density of others, which is more along the lines of true empathy: (a process of acknowledging the feeling and learning from it, which eventually evolves into a reverence for all life)

One key lesson is the principle of Ahimsa, meaning to “do no harm”, neither taking or inflicting from others. We can see these nuggets of ancient wisdom, practiced in schools of thought such as Jainism, Daoism and Hinduism, to name a few, and are mirrored n states of altered consciousness, revealing the universal truth of ‘oneness’. Particularly, transcribed by the spirit teachers of “los niños” that inform the mycelial network of entheogenic fungi.