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12 Categories To Understanding Your Vanlife Needs

The days, more and more people are venturing back the way of our nomadic ancestors, past and present, off-grid, landscape-grazing minimalists, who work together, journey well, and carry stories on their backs, like tortoise and snail.

Let's get into nomadic mindset, detach from societal norms (tune out distractions) and Let's dream for a moment. Pull up, as we dive a little deeper, uncovering your needs, your flow, and allow your story to unfold.

Consider this blog article is a starter-pack, and be open to your own intuitive questions as they come up for you as you consider your own journey forward.

1. Life Vision (dream it)

What do I envision when I see my ideal life on the open road?

What does my perfect week of vanlife look like?

2. Love + Support

Do I have a support system and am fostering relationships that are important to me and my wellbeing? If so, who?

If I am to pursue this as a long-term option, am I able to protect my energy or am I driving toward more chaos?

What is my love language and How do I uniquely feel held/supported?

Am I running away from something, and if I am, standing in that awareness on route to wherever the road leads?

3. Social Life

What does connection and/or community on the road look like for me?

Am I looking for a support system while on the road?

What steps do I need to take to meet other nomadic people that I align with?

(ie. BIPOC or LGBTQ21AS)